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  1. Placement Outcomes for Modern Language PhDs: Findings from the MLA’s Surveys of PhD Placement
  2. Report on the MLA's 2004 Survey of Hiring Departments
  3. The Latest Forecast
  4. The 1999 MLA Survey of Staffing in English and Foreign Language Departments
  5. Employment of 1996–97 English PhDs: A Report on the MLA's Census of PhD Placement
  6. Chairing in a Time of Shrinking Resources
  7. Patterns of Faculty Hiring in Four-Year English Programs: Findings from a 1987–88 Survey of Job Information List Advertisers
  8. Two Careers, One Relationship: An Interim Report on "Spousal" Hiring and Retention in English Departments
  9. The English Coalition Conference Report: Seven Responses
  10. Report on the 1984–85 Survey of the English Sample: General Education Requirements in English and the English Major
  11. A Profile of the Non-Tenure-Track Academic Workforce
  12. What’s Next for Graduate Education?
  13. From the Editor: Ambiguities of Assessment
  14. From the Editor: A Report on Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities, 2009
  15. From the Editor: The Job Market and Graduate Education
  16. Demography of the Faculty: A Statistical Portrait of English and Foreign Languages
  17. From the Editor: Tough Times: The Profession and the Recession
  18. From the Editor: Learning to Read
  19. From the Editor: The Humanities Indicators Project
  20. From the Editor: Trends in Bachelor's Degree Awards, 1989–90 to 2005–06
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