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  1. Foreign Language Enrollments in US Institutions of Higher Education—Fall 1986
  2. Foreign Language Enrollments in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education—Fall 1983
  3. The MLA Survey of Foreign Language Entrance and Degree Requirements, 1982–83
  4. Building a Language Profession
  5. A Study of the Role of Foreign Languages in the Curriculum of Junior and Community Colleges in the United States
  6. Options and Opportunities: New Directions in Foreign Language Curricula
  7. Correspondence at the Crossroads
  8. Foreign Language Enrollments in U.S. Colleges—Fall 1974
  9. The FL Requirement—Report on the 1974–75 Survey
  10. Careers and the Foreign Language Department
  11. Foreign Language Enrollments in U.S. Colleges—Fall 1972
  12. MLA Survey of Doctoral Programs in Foreign Languages
  13. Foreign Language Enrollments in U.S. Colleges—Fall 1970
  14. The Foreign Language Requirement—A Report on the 1970–71 MLA Survey
  15. Appendix: Single-Language and Combined Foreign Language Departments
  16. Back to the Center: Activism and the Humanities
  17. From the Editor: An Anniversary
  18. Strengthening Language Instruction in the United States
  19. Reforming the Ph.D. on the Model of the D.A.
  20. Foreign Language Manpower Needs in the Seventies
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