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  1. Writing for Readers in a Small Liberal Arts College
  2. The Journey from Graduate School to the Liberal Arts College; or, I Wasn't Supposed to Get a Job
  3. One of Each: The Small-College Multiplex English Department
  4. Marketing the English Major; or, Tending the Garden, Organically
  5. Nobody in This Lifeboat Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio
  6. Twin Barbies and Twilly Spree
  7. Exercises in Balance
  8. Scholarship and Teaching: Mixed Mentoring Messages
  9. The Transition from Graduate School at a Research University to Teaching at a Small College
  10. What Can You Do with an English Major?
  11. Tending Young Shoots on the Mountain: Curriculum, Teaching, and Academic Culture at Mount Saint Mary's
  12. Crossing the Great Divide: From Manhattan to Montana
  13. The Year of Living Dangerously; or, Not Just an Adventure, but a Job
  14. Retirement and the Retention of Faculty Lines: Changes in Staffing and Curriculum at a Small Liberal Arts College
  15. Portfolio-Based Exit Assessment: A Progress Report
  16. Confronting the Ancestral Voices: Some Thoughts on Assessment
  17. The Job Search: Observations of a Reader of 177 Letters of Application
  18. Developing an Assessment Process: One Department's Story
  19. Teaching The Jesus Papers
  20. Downtown Lit
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