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  1. Writing for Readers in a Small Liberal Arts College
  2. Persons of Letters: Creative Writing and Internationalizing the English Curriculum
  3. "With Liberty and Justice for All": The English Department and the State of Creative Writing
  4. Publishing Experience in and out of the Classroom
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Learning to Teach as a Graduate Student
  6. Retirement and the Retention of Faculty Lines: Changes in Staffing and Curriculum at a Small Liberal Arts College
  7. Undergraduate English Programs: Findings from an MLA Survey of the 1991–92 Academic Year
  8. Highlights of the MLA's Survey of Undergraduate English Programs
  9. What Would a Writer Do?
  10. The Student Writer as Reader
  11. "The Thing Not Named"; or, the End of Creative Writing in the English Department
  12. ADE Policy Statements and Guidelines
  13. The Writer in the University
  14. Academic Careers in the Nineties: Images and Realities
  15. A Survey of Writing Instruction in Colleges and Universities, 1975–76 to 1985–86
  16. The Birds and the Bird-Watchers
  17. "Eratic" Interruptions: First Year in the Chair
  18. Looking Backward for Signs of the Future
  19. Strategies for a Successful Essay Contest
  20. The ADE Ad Hoc Committee on the English Curriculum: A Progress Report
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