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  1. Guidelines for Good Practice by the Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada
  2. Statement on Indigenous Languages of the World in the College and University Curriculum
  3. Statement on Native American Languages in the College and University Curriculum
  4. Guide to Self-Study of Courses and Teaching in Undergraduate English Programs in Teacher Education
  5. Checklist for Self-Study for Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  6. ADE Guide for External Reviewers
  7. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  8. The Question of Coherence: Supporting Student-Centered Programs of Study at Western Washington University
  9. Translation in the Curriculum
  10. Changing Majors
  11. Negotiating the Challenges of Online Education: Perspectives of a Department Chair
  12. Literary History and the Curriculum: How, What, and Why
  13. The English Major as Social Action
  14. National Literatures in an Age of Globalization
  15. Internationalizing the English Curriculum
  16. Persons of Letters: Creative Writing and Internationalizing the English Curriculum
  17. Internationalizing the English Studies Curriculum: Some Thoughts on the Why and How
  18. Redefining National Literatures in the Americas
  19. Lines Drawn and Redrawn: How Does the National Matter?
  20. Spanish: The Foreign National Language
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