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  1. Advice for Combating Campus Bigotry and Fostering Respect in the Academic Community
  2. New Media and the Teaching of Reading: Our Janus Moment
  3. Literature, Literacy, and (New) Media
  4. Remarks on Receiving the Francis Andrew March Award
  5. Education in the Balance: On Receiving the ADE Francis Andrew March Award
  6. Best Practices in Study Abroad: A Primer for Chairs of Departments of Foreign Languages
  7. James Slevin and the Identifying Practices of Composition
  8. Do We Teach Disciplines or Do We Teach Students? What Difference Does It Make?
  9. Correspondence
  10. The Case for Legal Reasoning
  11. The English Department Online
  12. English Education Job Crisis
  13. The Composition Teacher-Scholar in the New University
  14. Teaching Effectiveness: Myths and (Mis)Measurements
  15. Chairs, Faculty Evaluation, and the Evolution of Departments of English
  16. Can Language and Literature Programs Teach Students to Speak Intellectual Complexity?
  17. Learning and Teaching
  18. The AAUP Statement on Distance Education: Special Considerations for Language and Literature
  19. ADE Statement of Good Practice: Teaching, Evaluation, and Scholarship
  20. ADE Guidelines for Class Size and Workload for College and University Teachers of English
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