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  1. Rescuing Reading: The Community College, General Education, and Literary Reading across Curricula
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole of Textuality: Using Aporia to Teach Literature
  3. Learning How to Read: The Year of Magical Reading
  4. Spanish: The Foreign National Language
  5. Literature in the Age of Anglocentrism
  6. Forum on Language Policy and the Politics of Language
  7. Beyond Language and Literature Departments: History, Culture, and International Study
  8. Some Plain Talk about Assessment
  9. Say No to Assessment, at Least for Now
  10. Assessment without Angst
  11. English Departments and the Circulation of Higher Education Policyspeak
  12. Affirmative Activism: Report of the ADE Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of African American Faculty Members in English
  13. Taking Liberties: Academic Freedom and the Humanities
  14. Living with Our Words: What English Department Administrators Should Know about the Language of Higher Education Policy
  15. Excerpts from a Career
  16. Remarks in Honor of Phyllis Franklin: Presentation of the 2004 ADE Francis Andrew March Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession of English
  17. How to Survive Strategic Planning: A Guide for the Perplexed
  18. The Situation of the Humanities
  19. Report of the ADE Ad Hoc Committee on Changes in the Structure and Financing of Higher Education
  20. Evaluating Scholarship in the Humanities: Principles and Procedures
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