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  1. Sizing Up the Face-Off: Chairs, Deans, and the Foreign Language Challenge
  2. Institutional Finance and the Role of the Foreign Language Department Chair as Financial Manager and Financial Leader
  3. New East Asian Alliances: Professional and Academic
  4. Southeast Missouri State University: Department of Foreign Languages and Anthropologya
  5. A Department Chair's Challenge: Dealing with Impediments to Research
  6. Title VI Funding for Undergraduate International Studies Programs: Long-Term Impact on Language Offerings?
  7. So Now, How Are You Going to Pay for It? Dealing with Budget Cuts in Hard Times
  8. Redefining the Role of the Foreign Language Department Chair: The Chair as Fund-Raiser, Program Developer, and Entrepreneur
  9. The Aftermath of Funding: Making It Work and Making It Last
  10. Foreign Language Issues and the Funding of Projects in Higher Education by the National Endowment for the Humanities
  11. International Corner
  12. Extending the Foreign Language Department
  13. The Role of the Foreign Language Chair: Money Raiser, Manager . . . or Sui Generis?
  14. Grant Support for Foreign Language and Literature Programs from the National Endowment for the Humanities
  15. Funding Study Abroad Programs; or, a Curse on Our Purse
  16. The Impact of the Fulbright Experience on Grantees from the United States
  17. Expanding Horizons in Language Legislation and Lobbying
  18. Foreign Languages: Frill or Foundation? or, How to Grab the Bull by the Horns
  19. Applications as Tea Leaves: The NEH and the Teaching of the Humanities
  20. Grant Proposals in Foreign Languages and Literatures: Some Perspectives
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