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  1. ADFL Statement of Good Practice: Teaching, Evaluation, and Scholarship
  2. Self-Study Guide for Doctoral Programs
  3. Technology Trends in Faculty Development, Preprofessional Training, and the Support of Language and Literature Departments
  4. Maximizing the Development of Teaching Assistants through Teacher-Scholar Projects and Mentoring
  5. Beyond the Language-Literature Divide: Advanced Pedagogy for Training Graduate Students
  6. Enhancing Graduate Student Teacher Development through Curricular Reform
  7. The Role of Basic Language Program Director: Results of a Survey
  8. The Master's Degree in the Modern Languages since 1966
  9. Cultural Studies, the English Major, and Doctoral Education
  10. Guidelines for Good Practice
  11. Short-Order Teachers: The Joys and Frustrations of the University Lecturer
  12. Advice for Combating Campus Bigotry and Fostering Respect in the Academic Community
  13. Preparing Graduate Students to Teach Literature and Language in a Foreign Language Department
  14. Experiences of Spanish Heritage Speakers in University Foreign Language Courses and Implications for Teacher Training
  15. Nonnative Teachers Teaching at the Advanced Level: Challenges and Opportunities
  16. Developing Precollegiate Foreign Language Teachers: An Overlooked Mission of Foreign Language Departments
  17. The Language Program Director and the Curriculum: Setting the Stage for Effective Programs
  18. Teaching and Technology: A New Course for TA Development
  19. Research Opportunities, Research Cautions: The Case for College Foreign Language Supervisors and Coordinators
  20. Surviving the Leap from Graduate Student to Language Program Director: Issues, Challenges, Rewards
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