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  1. ADE Guide for External Reviewers
  2. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  3. Fault Lines and Coherence in Language and Literature Departments
  4. Sizing Up the Face-Off: Chairs, Deans, and the Foreign Language Challenge
  5. Institutional Finance and the Role of the Foreign Language Department Chair as Financial Manager and Financial Leader
  6. How to Lobby (and How Not to Lobby) Your Dean
  7. Ten Things I Wish I'd Known (The Chair's Version)
  8. The CUNY Council on Foreign Language Study: In Unity There Is Strength
  9. An Unforeseen Consequence of the Boom in Spanish: Who Is Teaching the Majors?
  10. Merging English and Foreign Language Departments: The Mansfield Example
  11. Them versus Them: A Chair's or Middleman's Perspective
  12. Legal Issues Confronting Academic Department Chairs
  13. Negotiating Moloch: Scenarios for a Millennial Year
  14. Looking for the Right Balance: It's a Question of Perspective
  15. A Guide to Evaluating the Mission, Size, and Composition of Your Doctoral Programs
  16. Final Report of the MLA Committee on Professional Employment
  17. Reconfiguring Language Departments: Friendly or Hostile Takeover?
  18. Trying to Stay Alive in the Age of Eliminations and Reductions
  19. The Fate of German Studies after the End of the Cold War
  20. Educating the Dean: Who are We and What Do We Do?
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