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  1. The Monolingual International: Support of Language Learning through National Initiatives
  2. Lessons from an (Officially) Bilingual Neighbor and a (Really) Multilingual Union
  3. Decision Making: Share It or Share It Out?
  4. Introduction
  5. An Evolving Discourse: The Shifting Uses of Position Statements on the Contingent Faculty
  6. What is Academic Freedom; or, Why Do They Hate Us?
  7. "Speak German or Sweep the Schoolyard": A Personal View on Linguistic Human Rights in Germany
  8. Forum on Language Policy and the Politics of Language
  9. Foreign Languages: The K–12 Challenge
  10. Facing the Crisis: Teaching and Learning Arabic in the United states in the Post–September 11 Era
  11. A Response to Mary Louise Pratt’s “Building a New Public Idea about Language”
  12. Considerations in the Development of Foreign Language Substitution Policies at the Postsecondary Level for Students with Learning Disabilities
  13. Higher Education's Role in the New Jersey Systemic Reform Initiative in World Languages
  14. The Role of Critical Languages on Campus
  15. Languages and Language Learning in the Face of World English
  16. The Tense Situation of Slavic: Past, Present, Future
  17. The Fate of German Studies after the End of the Cold War
  18. Articulating the Teaching of Foreign Languages: The Minnesota Project
  19. Articulation and Achievement: The Challenge of the 1990s in Foreign Language Education
  20. If Not Consensus, at Least Coherence and Transparency
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