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  1. Understanding and Negotiating the Telephone Interview
  2. Working beyond the Academy: The Federal Government
  3. A Tribute to Richard Brod
  4. The Stars and Ourselves: An Ordinary Person's Guide to the Foreign Language Market
  5. Gaining Multiple Competencies through Translation
  6. Getting Away from German: What Graduate Students in German Must Consider about Their Future
  7. National Trends: Implications for Graduate Student Training and Career Placement
  8. Counseling Students for Business Careers That Require Foreign Language Training: Three Perspectives
  9. Retraining for the Business World
  10. Language Training for International Business at Eastern Michigan University
  11. Surveys of Language-Skill Needs in the United States
  12. International Trade in Commerce with Liberal Arts: One Instructor's Dual Pursuit
  13. Foreign Languages Desired but Unrequired: Results of An Idaho Survey
  14. A Workshop On Foreign Languages and Careers
  15. Advising Foreign Language Students on Career Options
  16. Interning: Practical Experience for the Undergraduate Bilingual Student
  17. German Firms in the United States: A Survey of Managerial and Professional Opportunities and the Matter of Language Competence
  18. Notes from a Career Counselor in Connecticut
  19. The French-Business Major at Penn State
  20. Alternative Careers
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