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  1. From Text to Web: The World’s Fairs in Italy Project
  2. Checklist for Self-Study for Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  3. Computer-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries: An Advisory
  4. The AAUP Statement on Distance Education: Special Considerations for Language and Literature
  5. Statement on Publication in Electronic Journals
  6. Guidelines for Evaluating Work with Digital Media in the Modern Languages
  7. Guidelines for Institutional Support of and Access to IT for Faculty Members and Students
  8. Minimal Guidelines for Authors of Web Pages
  9. Truman State University: Department of Classical and Modern Languages
  10. Ohio State University: Department of Germanic Languages
  11. Technology Trends in Faculty Development, Preprofessional Training, and the Support of Language and Literature Departments
  12. The Language Laboratory as a Primary Point of Convergence for the Department
  13. Is Rosetta Stone a Viable Option for Second-Language Learning?
  14. Electronic Portfolios: A Blueprint for Deep Language Learning and Assessment
  15. Learning from the Students: Collaborating on a Virtual Language Learning Space after the Common European Framework of Reference
  16. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Digital Humanities Projects
  17. Liter@ry Semin@rs: The Interactive Contemporary French Novel
  18. Integrating Media into Arabic Instruction: Advantages and Challenges
  19. University of Nebraska, Omaha: Department of Foreign Languages
  20. University of Maryland, College Park: Department of Asian and East European Languages
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