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  1. Departmental Contexts and Foreign Language Majors
  2. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  3. Electronic Portfolios: A Blueprint for Deep Language Learning and Assessment
  4. A Protocol for the Assessment of Advanced-Level Reading in a Foreign Language
  5. A Chronicle of Curricular Reform: Impetus and Implications
  6. Fault Lines and Coherence in Language and Literature Departments
  7. From Comprehension to Production: Literary Texts in the Advanced Foreign Language Classroom
  8. The Distribution of Gender in Language Doctorates
  9. Cultural Studies and the Undergraduate Curriculum in Spanish
  10. Preparing Students for Writing and Talking about Literature
  11. Assessment and Foreign Languages: A Chair's Perspective
  12. Teaching Maghribī Literature
  13. Literacy and the Literary: Reading and Speaking Arabic: Goals, Strategies, and Curricula in Advanced Arabic Learning
  14. Nation, Latinos, and Public Literacy: What Is in the "Pre-" of Pre-Columbian and the "Post-" of Postcolonial?
  15. Literacy as a Framework for Advanced Language Acquisition
  16. Enhancing Graduate Student Teacher Development through Curricular Reform
  17. Language and Literature on the Pedagogical Continuum; or, Life Begins after Proficiency
  18. Can Language and Literature Programs Teach Students to Speak Intellectual Complexity?
  19. Successful College and University Foreign Language Programs, 1995–99: Part 2
  20. Hunter College, City University of New York: Department of German
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