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  1. Resuscitating University Language Programs in the Global Age: The International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island
  2. Technology Trends in Faculty Development, Preprofessional Training, and the Support of Language and Literature Departments
  3. Surveying Comparative Literature from the Pacific Rim
  4. An Experiment in Collaborative Humanities: Imagining the World, 500–1500 CE
  5. Interdisciplinarity, Interculturality, and Foreign Language Education
  6. Global Studies and Departmental Structures
  7. Every Person, Many Studies
  8. Postmodern Models for Arabic: Answering Old Questions in New Ways
  9. Translation in the Undergraduate Curriculum
  10. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Digital Humanities Projects
  11. A Chronicle of Curricular Reform: Impetus and Implications
  12. Sizing Up the Face-Off: Chairs, Deans, and the Foreign Language Challenge
  13. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Approaches: A European View
  14. Kino and Kaffee: European Studies and Foreign Language Learning
  15. Literacy as a Framework for Advanced Language Acquisition
  16. Beyond Alsace-Lorraine: Collaborating with Comparative Literature
  17. Cultural Studies, the English Major, and Doctoral Education
  18. Beyond Cultural Studies: Toward a Multilingual Collaboration in the Humanities
  19. Between English and the Other Literatures: An Agenda for Working Together
  20. Considering the Possibilities: Thoughts on Relations between English and Foreign Language Departments
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