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  1. Resuscitating University Language Programs in the Global Age: The International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island
  2. An Experiment in Collaborative Humanities: Imagining the World, 500–1500 CE
  3. Interdisciplinarity, Interculturality, and Foreign Language Education
  4. Every Person, Many Studies
  5. A Chronicle of Curricular Reform: Impetus and Implications
  6. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Approaches: A European View
  7. Study Abroad Revisited
  8. Beyond Language and Literature Departments: History, Culture, and International Study
  9. New East Asian Alliances: Professional and Academic
  10. Successful College and University Foreign Language Programs, 1995–99: Part 2
  11. Literature across the Curriculum: One View of Spanish from an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Perspective
  12. Toward a Cultural Curriculum for Graduate Studies: The Case of French
  13. Looking for the Right Balance: It's a Question of Perspective
  14. German Studies, Culture Studies, and Institutional Structure: Possibilities and Limitations
  15. Integrated Learning and Internationalized Education through Languages across the Curriculum
  16. The Imperative of Integrating Language Instruction with Instruction in Other Fields
  17. Racial Diversity, Romance Language and Literature Departments, and Interdisciplinary Programs
  18. Strategies for Enhancing the Visibility and Role of Foreign Language Departments
  19. Undergraduate German Programs: Strategies for Success
  20. Foreign Language PhDs: Making the Candidate Fit the Market
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