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  1. Resuscitating University Language Programs in the Global Age: The International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island
  2. Reforming American Higher Education: The University of Rhode Island International Engineering Program
  3. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Approaches: A European View
  4. Successful College and University Foreign Language Programs, 1995–99: Part 2
  5. From Crisis to Opportunity: French and Foreign Language Studies in the Twenty-First Century
  6. Literature across the Curriculum: One View of Spanish from an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Perspective
  7. German Studies, Culture Studies, and Institutional Structure: Possibilities and Limitations
  8. Strategies for Enhancing the Visibility and Role of Foreign Language Departments
  9. Undergraduate German Programs: Strategies for Success
  10. W(h)ither Literature? Reaping the Fruit of Language Study Before It's Too Late
  11. Facing Diversification in the Purpose of Study: Business Japanese
  12. Developing International Competence for a Centripetal, Centrifugal World
  13. Foreign Language Interdisciplinary Programs and Alliances: Some Observations
  14. Can the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Be Used for Reading-For-Research Courses?
  15. Majoring in French: An Alumni Perspective
  16. Portuguese-Language Training in a Graduate Business Program
  17. Launching a Business French Course: Networking with New Partners
  18. Foreign Language Courses for Journalism and Communication Majors
  19. From Dual to Single Track: Revision of the Undergraduate French Major at the University of California, Davis
  20. Theological German: An Approach to Teaching Reading Skills
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