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  1. Curious Facts
  2. Statement on Indigenous Languages of the World in the College and University Curriculum
  3. Statement on Native American Languages in the College and University Curriculum
  4. Western Michigan University: Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  5. Truman State University: Department of Classical and Modern Languages
  6. Ohio State University: Department of Germanic Languages
  7. The Monolingual International: Support of Language Learning through National Initiatives
  8. Pointers on Portuguese
  9. The Study of Chinese Language in the United States
  10. Advancing East Asian Language Competence: A Heritage Language Perspective
  11. Facing the Crisis: Teaching and Learning Arabic in the United states in the Post–September 11 Era
  12. Teaching Maghribī Literature
  13. Literacy and the Literary: Reading and Speaking Arabic: Goals, Strategies, and Curricula in Advanced Arabic Learning
  14. Trinity University
  15. A Response to Mary Louise Pratt’s “Building a New Public Idea about Language”
  16. University of Nebraska, Omaha: Department of Foreign Languages
  17. University of Maryland, College Park: Department of Asian and East European Languages
  18. Brigham Young University: The Chinese Program in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages
  19. Internships in China: A Report from the Field
  20. Ahead of His Time: Seiichi Makino
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