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  1. Self-Study Guide for Doctoral Programs
  2. Checklist for Self-Study for Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  3. ADE Guide for External Reviewers
  4. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  5. The Foreign Language Methodology Seminar: Benchmarks, Perceptions, and Initiatives
  6. “Regular Faculty” and Citizen Participation: Re-framing the Narrative of Higher Education
  7. Cultural Studies, the English Major, and Doctoral Education
  8. Professionalization in Perspective
  9. A New Sentimental Education: On the Everyday Sublime
  10. Modern Language Class Struggles
  11. Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature and the Humanities Today
  12. Contexts for Administering Graduate Programs
  13. Looking Back, Looking Forward: Preparing and Inducting Our New Colleagues
  14. The Doctoral Colloquium as a Community of Learning and a Forum for Professional Development
  15. Reply from Dorothy James
  16. Forum: Response to Dorothy James, “Bypassing the Traditional Leadership: Who's Minding the Store?”: Part 2
  17. Getting Away from German: What Graduate Students in German Must Consider about Their Future
  18. Trying to Stay Alive in the Age of Eliminations and Reductions
  19. Foreign Language PhDs: Making the Candidate Fit the Market
  20. Reform and Continuity: Graduate Education Toward a Foreign Cultural Literacy
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