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  1. ADFL Policy Statements on the Administration of Foreign Language Departments
  2. Placement Outcomes for Modern Language PhDs: Findings from the MLA's 2003–04 Survey of PhD Placement
  3. What You Can Do: A Position Paper by the MLA Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession
  4. Expropriation of the Professoriat: View of an Untenured Radical
  5. Non-Tenure-Track Faculty as Administrators: Planning and Evaluation
  6. Contingent Labor Practices in the Yeshiva College English Department: A Case Study
  7. “Regular Faculty” and Citizen Participation: Re-framing the Narrative of Higher Education
  8. Dreams of Tenure and the Program for Change
  9. An Evolving Discourse: The Shifting Uses of Position Statements on the Contingent Faculty
  10. Ensuring the Quality of Undergraduate Programs in English and Foreign Languages: MLA Recommendations on Staffing
  11. Statement on Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members
  12. MLA Recommendation on Minimum Per-Course Compensation for Part-Time Faculty Members
  13. MLA Statement on the Use of Part-Time and Full-Time Adjunct Faculty Members
  14. Education in the Balance: A Report on the Academic Workforce in English
  15. Facing Long-Term Realities: Policies regarding Adjunct Instructors in Foreign Language Departments
  16. The 1999 MLA Survey of Staffing in English and Foreign Language Departments
  17. Who Teaches What to Whom: The MLA 1997 Staffing Survey
  18. The Corporatized Research University and Tenure in Modern Language Departments: Notes from Minnesota
  19. How We Got Contracts for Lecturers at the University of Vermont: A Tale of (Qualified) Success
  20. The MLA's 1993-94 Survey of PhD Placement: The Latest Foreign Language Findings and Trends Through Time
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