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The British Pharmacopoeia
LLC Scottish
Papers on Scottish physicians/rhetoricians--Enlightenment redefinitions of British bodies/bodies politic. Collaborative session between Late 18th-Century English Literature and Scottish Literature forums. 250-word abstracts. by 5 March 2015; Rivka Swenson ( and Juliet Shields (
Posted 29 January 2015

Materiality and Mexican Culture
LLC Mexican
Material goods and built environments reflect and produce social meaning. Panel on relationship: material culture, authenticity and progress. Representations and/or artifacts from pre-Hispanic times to present. Abstracts by 6 March 2015; Beth Ellen J├Ârgensen (
Posted 29 January 2015

Galician Studies: Current Research and New Directions
LLC Galician
We invite papers showcasing the newest Galician Studies scholarship and/or exploring fresh theoretical and methodological directions. Any period, any approach, any geographical area. 1-page abstract by 2 March 2015; Kirsty Hooper (
Posted 29 January 2015

Linguistic ideology, language policy and prestige
LSL General Linguistics
The General Linguistics Discussion Group invites 250-word abstracts on issues of language policy, linguistic ideology, and power relations through language. 250-word abstracts by 15 March 2015; Carolina Gonzalez (
Posted 28 January 2015

Being Romanian, Being European: Romanian Spirituality in Film/Literature/Arts
LLC Romanian
Secular/religious forms of spirituality in Romanian/Moldovan film and literature: traditional/new spiritual values in contemporary film/literature/arts, moral/ethical systems of representation, etc. 200 word proposal by 20 March 2015; Lenuta Giukin (
Posted 28 January 2015

"The Oldest Profession: Teaching and Aging"
TC Age Studies
What difference does age make in what/how we teach and how students perceive us? 300-word proposal and brief c.v. by 03/01/15 to Mi by 1 March 2015; Devoney Looser ( and Kimberly Nance (
Posted 27 January 2015

Myth, Fairy Tales, and Their Adaptations
GS Folklore, Myth, and Fairy Tale
Cultural value, narrative challenges, and theoretical implications of late 20th- and early 21st-century myth and fairy-tale adaptations. 300 words abstract and CV. Must be MLA members. by 8 March 2015; Cristina Bacchilega (
Posted 27 January 2015

Theorizing Travel Literature: Issues of Genre, Form, and Representation
GS Travel Writing
This panel will consider how travel narratives test generic conventions, experiment with form, or push the limits of representation. 250-word abstract and c.v. by 15 March 2015; Katarina Gephardt (
Posted 27 January 2015

Teaching the Arthurian Story World
CLCS Arthurian
Value and challenges of teaching proliferating story world of Arthuriana, past and present, and its intersection with philosophical, theoretical, pedagogical discourses. 300-500 word abstract and c.v. by 2 March 2015; Ann Marie Rasmussen (
Posted 26 January 2015

Solitary Mexicans: Gaps in Contemporary Literary Historiography
LLC Mexican
Critical approaches to Mexican writers who published their first book between 1968 and the mid-1980s. Why group them into a generational category? Why not? Abstracts by 15 March 2015; Ignacio Corona (
Posted 25 January 2015, last updated 26 January 2015

Beyond the Kilt: The Scottish Fetish
LLC Scottish
How have Scotland and Scottishness been fetishized? Short position papers could consider, e.g., authors, artefacts, aesthetics, politics, geography, sports, symbols -- anything but kilts! Abstracts by 13 March 2015; Evan M. Gottlieb (
Posted 21 January 2015

What Qualities Matter in Teaching the Humanities Online?
HEP Community Colleges
How do good teaching practices translate into the online learning environment? Seeking presentations on models ensuring high-quality online teaching. 300-word abstracts by 15 March 2015; Michael A. Burke (
Posted 20 January 2015

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