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Calls for Papers - MLA Committees

Advisory Committee on the _MLA International Bibliography_

What Does It Mean to Publish? New Forms of Scholarly Communication
How do emerging forms of scholarly communication, "middle state" publishing, and "grey literature" challenge tenure/promotion decisions and documenting/preserving scholarship? 250-word abstracts by 15 March 2014; Laura R. Braunstein (
Posted 21 February 2014

Committee on Community Colleges

Crossing Borders
Seeking papers that address literal borders (national, physical) and less obvious cultural/social borders. Special emphasis on Canada/US borders and margins (linguistic, literary, cultural, and imagined). One-page abstracts by 21 March 2014; Susannah Mary Chewning (
Posted 20 February 2014

The End of Remediation?
Papers can address issues related to the future of Developmental studies, including/not limited to accelerated learning, performance-based funding, the Common Core, and the completion agenda. One-page abstracts. by 21 March 2014; Susannah Mary Chewning (
Posted 20 February 2014

Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession

Contingent Academic Labor and Unionization
Organizing strategies for non-tenure-stream academics. Metro organizing, coalition building, bargaining units shared with tenure stream faculty or graduate students or separate from them. Abstracts (250 words) by 7 March 2014; Heidi Tiedemann Darroch (
Posted 6 February 2014

The First Year of College and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members: Paradoxes, Problems, and Possibilities
Contributions of non-tenure-track faculty members teaching first-year students; issues raised by their role delivering first-year programs. 250-word abstracts by 3 March 2014; Elena Lanza (
Posted 13 December 2013

Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession

Disability Epistemology
Papers exploring disability, or specifically crip, ways of knowing. What do such knowledges look like, and how might they impact our understanding of embodiment? 250 word abstract by 3 March 2014; Rebecca Sanchez (
Posted 23 January 2014

The Parent Scholar
Roundtable on how disability (one’s own or one’s child) informs role of parent-scholar. Proposals should move beyond autobiography to theorize underexplored aspects of this relationship. 250 word abstracts by 3 March 2014; Rachel Adams (
Posted 2 January 2014

Committee on Information Technology

A New Kind of Work: Articulating and Evaluating Excellence in Digital Scholarship
With diverse scholarly practices defined as “digital” come evaluation challenges within existing disciplines and rubrics. How do we respond? Abstracts by 15 March 2014; Victoria E. Szabo (
Posted 21 February 2014

Committee on Scholarly Editions

Pedagogy and digital editions
Teaching and using digital textual scholarship in the classroom. Abstracts (full papers will be required later) by 15 March 2014; Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco (
Posted 29 January 2014, last updated 30 January 2014

Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada

Empirical Data and Ethnic Literatures
How is the study of ethnic literatures enhanced/hindered by empirical data? How does the conversion of humanist discourse into empirical form exacerbate neoliberal logic? abstracts, CV by 3 March 2014; Keith Feldman (
Posted 9 September 2013

Ethnicity and the Environment
What insights do studies of race/ethnicity bring to considerations of the environment? Considerations might include land and sovereignty, settler colonial studies, food studies, environmental justice, eco-activism. abstracts, CVs by 3 March 2014; Anita Mannur ( and Marcellus Blount (
Posted 10 September 2013

Performing Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Act
Presentations invited--including Indigenous artistic or literary responses--exploring TRC's work and goals. 100-word abstracts and short CVs to cheryl.suzack@ by 1 March 2014; Cheryl Suzack (
Posted 28 January 2014

Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession

I Know What You Didn’t Do Last Summer
Roundtable will discuss tactics for using summers to make academic and professional progress: researching, teaching, and/or gaining alt-ac experience. 250-word abstract and 1-page CV. by 21 February 2014; Stacey Amo (
Posted 19 November 2013

Open Access... Closing Doors?
Please consider participating in a roundtable discussion on various aspects of Open Access: OA impact and impact factor, embargo, validity, and others. 250-word abstract and a 1-page CV by 21 February 2014; Svetlana Tyutina (
Posted 12 November 2013

Publications Committee

Translating Cervantes's Don Quixote
What are the challenges of translating history’s second-most-published-and-translated book from Spanish into other languages? How do translators transmit Cervantes’s masterwork into radically different cultural and linguistic frameworks? by 14 March 2014; Rebecca Haidt (
Posted 12 February 2014

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