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Calls for Papers - MLA Committees

Committee on Community Colleges

Collaborative/Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching at CCs
How collaborative/interdisciplinary learning and teaching at community colleges can be improved, including innovations in collaborative/interdisciplinary teaching that motivate CC students. 250-word Abstracts (Word or PDF) by 15 March 2015; Annemarie E. Hamlin (
Posted 21 January 2015

“Threshold Concepts” in FYC at Community College
Seeking contributions that articulate essential concepts acquired in first-year composition and how those concepts are shaped by the CC context. 250-word Abstracts by 15 March 2015; Howard Tinberg (
Posted 21 January 2015

Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession

Contingent Faculty Members in Service
Committee and governance roles as professional development and institutional belonging—or labor exploitation? What counts as service? How much is too much? How might organizing be service? by 13 March 2015; Andrew Yale ( and David Laurence (
Posted 21 January 2015, last updated 26 January 2015

Evaluating Contingent Faculty Members: Processes, Purposes, Consequences
Peer and administrator observations and assessments. What counts as evidence of teaching and professional effectiveness? How do identities influence evaluations? by 13 March 2015; Cynthia Current ( and David Laurence (
Posted 21 January 2015

Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession

Dis/Abilities and Knowledge - Francophone and French
This panel explores intersections between concepts of disability and/or "handicap" and knowledge of the body/its abilities - including across disciplines and world regions. 250-word abstract by 20 March 2015; Christian Flaugh (
Posted 26 February 2015

Disability and the Global South
Papers examining political/aesthetic representations of disability in the Global South. How do these representations challenge or extend disability theories from the Global North? 250 word abstract. by 10 March 2015; Julie Avril Minich (
Posted 18 January 2015, last updated 19 January 2015

Committee on Scholarly Editions

Editing at the Crossroads
Developing and using digital and print editions in which there is contact between two or more languages (e.g. Spanish and an indigenous language). Abstracts by 15 March 2015; Heather Bamford (
Posted 21 January 2015, last updated 22 January 2015

Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada

Presentations on policing in terms of embodiment, territories, borders, languages, race, sexuality. 300-word abstract and CV by 1 March 2015; Koritha Mitchell ( and Meena Alexander (
Posted 16 January 2015

Critical Intersectionalities of Race and Sexuality
Aesthetics, Cooptations, Dangers, Limits, Occlusions, Opportunities, Possibilities. 300-word abstract and CV by 1 March 2015; Marcellus Blount (
Posted 16 January 2015

Deconstructing Civility
Presentations on how civility and collegiality are used to regulate/surveil/suppress oppositional expression around race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, war, institutions, class. 300-word abstracts and CVs by 1 March 2015; Aureliano DeSoto (
Posted 16 January 2015

Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession

Humanities beyond Humanities
We welcome proposals on teaching languages and general humanities courses at STEM institutions, military academies, and smaller programs, alt-ac and post-ac, etc. Submit 250-word proposal and a short bio. by 1 March 2015; Svetlana Tyutina ( and Geffrey Davis (
Posted 25 January 2015

Up-Grading Graduate Student Teaching Positions
How can graduate students make the most of the teaching opportunities they frequently get (such as lower-level courses, grader, discussion leader)? 250-word abstract plus CV by 15 March 2015; Alexandra Valint ( and Sarah Kremen-Hicks (
Posted 7 February 2015

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