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684. How I Have Changed My Mind as a Scholar-Teacher of Writing

Wednesday, 6 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., Berkeley, Sheraton

Program arranged by the Division on the Teaching of Writing

Presiding: John L. Schilb, Indiana Univ., Bloomington

Speakers: Cheryl E. Ball, Illinois State Univ.; Jane M. Danielewicz, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Douglas Hesse, Univ. of Denver; Deborah H. Holdstein, Columbia Coll., IL; Shirley Wilson Logan, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; Kurt Spellmeyer, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick

Session Description:

What changes of mind might a composition scholar and teacher go through? For what reasons and to what effects? By briefly explaining their personal shifts in thinking, veterans of the field will address these questions, and the audience will then be invited to share their answers.


  • The Teaching of Language and Literature – General

  • The Teaching of Language and Literature – English and American

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