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457. Visualizing Vulnerability in the Spanish Caribbean

Monday, 11 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., Arkansas, Sheraton Chicago

A special session

Presiding: Guillermina De Ferrari, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

Speakers: Guillermina De Ferrari; Marcela Guerrero, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; Christina León, Emory Univ.; Jacqueline E. Loss, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs; Sandra Ruiz, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

Session Description:

By looking into Caribbean visual culture through vulnerability, we explore plantational societies and the fragile civil bonds that ensued. We discuss islandness as a condition of existence, the sea as border and contact zone, the meaning of the natural, ephemerality as opposed to both genealogy and traditional art, and sensorial immediacy as an ethics of representation in the context of trauma.


  • General Literature – Film, Television, and Other Media

  • Comparative Literature – Twentieth Century

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