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Thursday, 29 December

485. Redface, Blackface: Women and Race Performance

1:45–3:00 p.m., Coolidge, Marriott

A special session

Presiding: Jeffrey Rhyne, Indiana Univ., South Bend

1. “Redface and White Womanhood: Racial Performance in Sarah Wakefield’s Captivity Narrative,” Lydia I. Fisher, Univ. of Pennsylvania

2. “Blackface, White Femininity: Fannie Hurst’s ‘The Smudge’ and the Self-Maid Woman,” Lori Harrison-Kahan, Harvard Univ.

3. “‘The Saga of the Third World Belle’: Ishmael Reed’s Flight to Canada and the Performance of Pocahontas,” Laura Lynn Mielke, Iowa State Univ.

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