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150. The Poet-Scholar

Sunday, 3 January, 7:00–8:15 p.m., Beacon G, Sheraton

A special session

Presiding: Hillary Gravendyk, Pomona Coll.

Speakers: Julie Carr, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; Heather Dubrow, Fordham Univ., Bronx; Rachel Hadas, Rutgers Univ., Newark; Margaret Ronda, Rutgers Univ., Newark; Jennifer Scappettone, Univ. of Chicago; Juliana M. Spahr, Mills Coll.; Barrett Watten, Wayne State Univ.

Session Description:

This session poses a number of questions, chief among which is, What are the theoretical and methodological convergences between poetry and scholarship? Many poets conduct "research" now, bringing a different set of skills to the production of scholarship. How does creative practice alter our approaches to literature and cultural studies? Does scholarship, in turn, affect poetic practice?


  • General Literature – Poetry

  • The Profession – English and American

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