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Past Conventions

Session listings for conventions from 2004 to 2014 are available in the program archive. Complete program information is available in November issues of PMLA.

Below are other materials from recent conventions.

2014 Convention

Recording of the 2014 Presidential Address

2014 Presidential Theme: Vulnerable Times 

Brochure on Vulnerable Times 

2014 Exhibit Hall Theater Sessions

Convention Guide 

Convention Daily
9 January 2014 
10 January 2014 
11–12 January 2014 

2014 Registration Rates

Lists of Sessions on Various Topics

Video of 2013 MLA-Prize-Winning Books

2013 Convention

Recording and Transcript of the 2013 Presidential Address

2013 Presidential Theme: Avenues of Access 

Brochure on Avenues of Access 

2013 Exhibit Hall Theater Schedule

Convention Guide 

Convention Daily
3 January 2013 
4 January 2013 
5–6 January 2013 

2013 Registration Rates

Your 2013 MLA Convention

Video of 2012 MLA-Prize-Winning Books

2012 Convention

2012 Presidential Theme: Language, Literature, Learning 

Brochure on Language, Literature, Learning 

Recording and Transcript of the 2012 Presidential Address

Convention Guide 

Convention Daily
5 January 2012 
6 January 2012 
7–8 January 2012 

#mla12 Tweets

2012 Registration Rates

Your 2012 MLA Convention

Video of 2011 MLA-Prize-Winning Books

2011 Convention

2011 Presidential Theme: Narrating Lives 

Brochure on Narrating Lives 

Narrating Lives Video Project

Listen to the 2011 Presidential Address Listen

Brochure on The Academy in Hard Times 

Listen to The Academy in Hard Times Forum Listen

MLA Convention Blog

Convention News and Program Update
6 January 2011 
7 January 2011 
8–9 January 2011 

2011 Registration Rates

2009 Convention

2009 Presidential Theme: The Tasks of Translation in the Global Context 

Listen to the 2009 Presidential Address Listen

Rosemary G. Feal's Blog

Convention News and Program Update
27 December 
28 December 
29–30 December 

2008 Convention

2008 Presidential Theme: The Way We Teach Now 

Listen to the 2008 Presidential Address Listen

Convention News and Program Update 

2007 Convention

2007 Presidential Theme: The Humanities at Work in the World 

Listen to the 2007 Presidential Address Listen

Convention News and Program Update 


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