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Quick Tour: Special-Session Form, Part 3
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Session Description to Appear in Program:
  • NOTE: The box for including a session description that will appear in the Program applies only to roundtable sessions and workshops. Formal sessions will not have this box.
  • Roundtable sessions and workshops should use this space to provide a brief prĂ©cis (up to 400 characters) of the session to appear with the session listing in the Program. This information will provide session attendees with details about the session and its objectives.
Audiovisual Equipment:
  • NOTE: All audiovisual-equipment requests must be submitted on the proposal form. Verify the equipment requests of your participants before submitting the proposal. Late requests cannot be accommodated.
  • If none of your participants need audiovisual equipment for their presentations, select "No equipment needed."
  • If speakers have requested multiple types of equipment that could be consolidated (e.g., computer projection, CD player, and DVD player), please ask the participants if they can all use the same equipment (e.g., can the CD and DVD be played on the laptop using computer projection?).
  • To request audiovisual equipment, click the box to the left of the appropriate type of audiovisual equipment and complete the requested information.
  • Please advise your participants that Internet access will be provided by Wi-Fi in meeting rooms. Because problems can occur during sessions using live Internet, and particularly Wi-Fi, we strongly suggest that speakers record screenshots from their Internet session in advance for playback at the convention. Please contact the convention office if you have any questions.
  • If your session includes participants with disabilities or assistance requirements, please provide the requested information.
Session Contact Information:
  • The contact person will receive notification regarding the Program Committee's review of the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, this person will also receive the preliminary program copy in July to review. Normally this person is the session organizer, who organized and proposed the session. The contact person or session organizer's name will not be printed in the Program unless that person is also participating on the session.
  • Complete and review the contact information. The information may be prepopulated from the MLA membership records, so it is important for you to verify that the information (especially the e-mail address) is correct.
  • Program copy proofs will be sent to session organizers in July. Include summer address and e-mail information if this is different from your primary contact information. If you will not have access to e-mail in July, please provide the contact information of a person who can review the program copy in your absence.
  • If your contact information has changed from what is listed in the MLA membership database, be sure to update your membership record at
  • Click Save and Finish Later to save the form and resume later, or click Continue to proceed to the Session and Participant Details page.


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