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Quick Tour: Special-Session Form, Part 4
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  • Program Committee members pay close attention to the session description when reviewing special sessions. Committee members have to review a large number of sessions in a short amount of time, and they may not be specialists in your field. The information in this section should be clearly articulated so that an intelligent person who is not a specialist could appreciate the rationale behind your argument.
  • This section should be written in English even if the papers in the session will be read in another language.
  • The detailed description (no longer than 1,000 words) should explain the topic and how it will be treated, provide a rationale for organizing the session that explains how the topic relates to existing scholarship, and provide brief descriptions of the individual presentations and how they relate to the topic of the session. Do not send abstracts.
  • The Program Committee tends to accept only those proposals that are supported by a strong written description and not solely because of a timely subject, a worthwhile cause, or a prestigious speaker.
  • NOTE: Because of browser issues, text that is pasted instead of typed into this form may lose line breaks, accents, quotation marks, and other punctuation and formatting. Retyping lost information into the form should correct those omissions. Indicate italics with an underscore ("_") before and after the word or sentence to be italicized (e.g., _Hard Times_).
  • Information on panelists' and presiders' scholarship should focus on the participants' scholarship and experience (current position, education or work history, pedagogical strategies, modes of research and communication, etc.) that is directly related to the session. This section helps explain to the committee members why you selected these participants for this particular session.
  • Click Save and Finish Later to save the form and resume later, or click Continue to proceed to the View Special-Session Proposal page.


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