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MLA Convention Blog

Seven Things on My Schedule for 27 December

1. Before the convention gets into full gear, I want to visit the Reading Terminal Market to pick up a thing or two, maybe some of those Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels I’ve been craving. It’s right next to the Convention Center so I should be able to squeeze in a quick flyby.

2. I’ve got to stop by the MLA Job Center at the Convention Center. Prospects for job seekers in our field are bleak, but, even so, I expect the usual energetic hum in this area.

3. I’m going to drop in on The Workshop on Women in Academic Leadership, where leaders in the field will explore the problems and possibilities of assuming administrative leadership within institutions.

4. I can’t wait to greet new members and advanced graduate students at the Welcome to the MLA session at the Marriott. Several of my colleagues on the MLA staff will be there, demonstrating our Web site and showing people how to get involved in the MLA.

5. Since I passed on my chance this morning to reenact the famous “running up the steps of the art museum” scene from Rocky, I’m hoping to hit the gym at the Loews this afternoon for a quick workout. Maybe if I start this convention with thirty minutes on the 'mill I won’t get a cold!

6. I’m eager to check attendance numbers at the registration desk. With the steep decline in the job market, we’ve seen a dip in registration this year. But I’m hoping for a last-minute rush.

7. I’m going to make time for a quick dinner at one of Philadelphia’s great restaurants. It may be my last chance to leave the hotels for three days!
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