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January 2005 (vol. 120, no. 1)

Cover and table of contents


5 A Statement of Editorial Policy
6 Features in PMLA
6 Forthcoming in PMLA
  Special Topic: On Poetry
Coordinated by Bruce R. Smith
9 Introduction: Some Presuppositions
Bruce R. Smith
16 On the Misery of Theory without Poetry: Heidegger's Reading of Hölderlin's "Andenken"
Avital Ronell
33 On Not Defending Poetry: Spenser, Suffering, and the Energy of Affect
Joseph Campana
49 The Ethical Uselessness of Grief: Randall Jarrell's "The Refugees"
R. Clifton Spargo
66 The Strange Case of Araki Yasusada: Author, Object
Eric R. J. Hayot
82 Fugitive Lyric: The Rhymes of the Canting Crew
Daniel Tiffany
97 Poetry and Theory: A Roundtable
108 Phonic Matters: French Sound Poetry, Julia Kristeva, and Bernard Heidsieck
Carrie Noland
128 Mallarmé's Cinepoetics: The Poem Uncoiled by the Cinématographe, 1893-98
Christophe Wall-Romana
148 Standing on the Burning Deck: Poetry, Performance, History
Catherine Robson
163 A Box for Wilfrid Blunt
Lucy McDiarmid
181 "Everything We Want": Frank O'Hara and the Aesthetics of Free Choice
Michael Clune
197 The Muse of Indifference
Eric C. Walker
219 Three Approaches to Poetry
Virginie Greene
235 What Praise Poems Are For
Susan Stewart
246 Forum
Raffaella Baccolini, David Ketterer, and Eric S. Rabkin
250 Forthcoming Meetings and Conferences of General Interest
251 Index of Advertisers
255 Index of Authors Advertised
268 Professional Notes and Comment
    268   Announcements
    272   Journal Notes
    276   Internet News
    276   Meeting of the MLA Executive Council
    284   In Memoriam
308 Abstracts


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