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MLA Newsletter
Fall 2001

In This Issue

1 Conference on the relation between English and foreign languages in the academy
3 President's Column
Sylvia Molloy
Culture shock
4 Editor's Column
Phyllis Franklin
Organizing the MLA convention
14 Guidelines for Good Practice, by the Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada
13 Field bibliographers invited
17 New MLA title and revised software program published
9 MLA committee meetings, October 2001-May 2002
1 2001 MLA Annual Convention in New Orleans
10 2001 convention invitation
10 Job clinic on business, government, and not-for-profit careers
10 Airline raffle
10 Using the MLA Job Information Center
11 Accommodations and services for persons with disabilities
11 Travel assistance for advanced graduate students
12 ADE- and ADFL-sponsored sessions for job candidates and interviewers
12 Child care arrangements
12 Meeting times for allied organizations
13 Calls for papers for 2002 convention in New York
6 Membership ratification vote
6 2001 election ballot is in the mail
6 Proposed amendment to the MLA constitution
7 Nominations for 2002 division executive committee elections
7 Withdrawal of constitutional amendment
7 Executive Council meeting highlights
2 Phyllis Franklin Award for Public Advocacy of the Humanities
16 J. Hillis Miller to receive the ADE Francis Andrew March Award
17 Competition open for MLA book awards
18 Seiichi Makino to receive the ADFL Award for Distinguished Service in the Profession
15 PMLA special topic: Science Fiction and Literary Studies: The Next Millennium
Other News and Announcements
2 MLA members may authorize use of e-mail addresses
3 Letters onmembers' teaching awards sought
5 A request for information about the MLA staffing survey
11 MLA policy on membership mailing-list rentals
12 MLA fund subsidizes dues
19 Classified advertisements
19 Fellowships and grants deadlines
19 Modifications in dues structure
20 Upcoming MLA deadlines


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