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March 2005 (vol. 120, no. 2)

Cover and table of contents


317 A Statement of Editorial Policy
318 Features in PMLA
318 Forthcoming in PMLA
321 Editor's Column: In Medias Res
327 Confronting Religious Violence: Milton's Samson Agonistes
Feisal G. Mohamed
341 Falling Towers and Postmodern Wild Children: Oliver Sacks, Don DeLillo, and Turns against Language
James Berger
362 Reinscribing the Aesthetic: Cuban Narrative and Post-Soviet Cultural Politics
James Buckwalter-Arias
375 Working Through the Archive: Trauma and History in Alejandro Morales's The Rag Doll Plagues
Dean Franco
388 Two Versions of Voltaire: W. H. Auden and the Dialectic of Enlightenment
Susannah Young-ah Gottlieb
404 Lope de Vega's Rimas sacras: Conversion, Clientage, and the Performance of Masculinity
Alison Weber
The Changing Profession
422 Writing the New Middle Ages
Stephen G. Nichols
442 Law, Literature, and the Vanishing Real: On the Future of an Interdisciplinary Illusion
Julie Stone Peters
454 Commodity Histories
Bruce Robbins
464 Forum: The Legacy of Jacques Derrida
Emily Apter, Houston A. Baker, Jr., Seyla Benhabib, Geoffrey Bennington, Svetlana Boym (cover and p. 317), Eduardo Cadava, Jonathan Culler, Patricia Dailey, Carla Freccero, Geoffrey Hartman, Peggy Kamuf, Christie McDonald, J. Hillis Miller, Andrew Parker, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Marc Redfield, Alessia Ricciardi, Avital Ronell, Matthew Rowlinson, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
495 Papers from the Conference on Disability Studies and the University
Emory University, 5-7 March 2004
642 Forthcoming Meetings and Conferences of General Interest
643 Index of Advertisers
647 Index of Authors Advertised
658 Professional Notes and Comment
    658   Announcements
    662   Journal Notes
    666   In Memoriam
702 Abstracts


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