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May 2004 (vol. 119, no. 3)

Cover and table of contents


413 A Statement of Editorial Policy
414 Features in PMLA
414 Forthcoming in PMLA
417 Presidential Address 2003: Language, Liberties, Waves, and Webs--Engaging the Present
Mary Louise Pratt
  Special Topic: Science Fiction and Literary Studies: The Next Millennium
Coordinated by Marleen S. Barr and Carl Freedman
429 Introduction: Textism--An Emancipation Proclamation
Marleen S. Barr
442 Alien Sex Acts in Feminist Science Fiction: Heuristic Models for Thinking a Feminist Future of Desire
Alcena Madeline Davis Rogan
457 Science Fiction and the Future of Criticism
Eric S. Rabkin
474 Body Parts: Twentieth-Century Science Fiction Short Stories by Women
Jane Donawerth
482 The Slipstream of Mixed Reality: Unstable Ontologies and Semiotic Markers in The Thirteenth Floor, Dark City, and Mulholland Drive
N. Katherine Hayles and Nicholas Gessler
500 Joanna Russ and D. W. Griffith
Samuel R. Delany
    Correspondents Abroad
509 Oh No, Not More Sci-Fi!
Brian W. Aldiss
513 The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake in Context
Margaret Atwood
518 The Persistence of Hope in Dystopian Science Fiction
Raffaella Baccolini
522 Science Fiction in South Africa
Deirdre C. Byrne
526 Art, Forward Slash, Science
Gwyneth Jones
530 Researching and Teaching Science Fiction in Greece
Domna Pastourmatzi
535 Circumstances and Stances
Darko Suvin
539 Polemical Afterword: Some Brief Reflections on Arnold Schwarzenegger and on Science Fiction in Contemporary American Culture
Carl Freedman

The essays by Eric S. Rabkin, Jane Donawerth, and Samuel R. Delany originated as presentations in the session about this special topic at the 2001 MLA convention.
    Nobel Lecture 2003
547 He and His Man
J. M. Coetzee
553 Forum
George Bellis, Sabarimuthu Carlos, Anne Mallory, and Shu-mei Shih
557 Report of the Executive Director
576 Forthcoming Meetings and Conferences of General Interest
577 Index of Advertisers
581 Index of Authors Advertised
598 Professional Notes and Comment
    598    Announcements
    604    Journal Notes
    606    Minutes of the MLA Delegate Assembly
    622    Meeting of the MLA Executive Council
    634    In Memoriam
655 Abstracts


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