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October 2006 (vol. 121, no. 5)

Cover and table of contents


1390 A Statement of Editorial Policy
1390 Forthcoming in PMLA
1391 Features in PMLA
1393 Editor's Column: Uprooted Words on a Bookshelf in Chernivtsi
1405 Enabling Fictions and Novel Subjects: The Bildungsroman and International Human Rights Law
Joseph R. Slaughter
1424 The Other Interesting Narrative: Olaudah Equiano's Public Book Tour
John Bugg
1443 Beauty along the Color Line: Lynching, Aesthetics, and the Crisis
Russ Castronovo
1460 Native Sons and Native Speakers: On the Eth(n)ics of Comparison
Yung-Hsing Wu
1475 Austrian Inner Colonialism and the Visibility of Difference in Stifter's Die Narrenburg
Joseph Metz
1493 Traducing the Soul: Donne's Second Anniversarie
Ramie Targoff
Little-Known Documents
1509 The First Published Review of Octavio Paz's The Labyrinth of Solitude (1950)
José Vasconcelos
Introduction and translation by Rubén Gallo
1514 Editor's Note
1515 The Humanities in Human Rights: Critique, Language, Politics
Papers from a conference held on 21-22 October 2005 at the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Correspondents at Large
Human Rights in Latin America
1662 Rape and Human Rights
Jean Franco
1665 Cuando Vienen Matando: On Prepositional Shifts and the Struggle of Testimonial Subjects for Agency
Alicia Partnoy
1670 Useful Humanism
Doris Sommer
1674 Trauma and Performance: Lessons from Latin America
Diana Taylor
Theories and Methodologies
Feminist Criticism Today
In Memory of Nellie Y. McKay
1678 Breaking the Whole Thing Open: An Interview with Nellie Y. McKay
Shanna Greene Benjamin
1682 The Case of Lady Anne Clifford; or, Did Women Have a Mixed Monarchy?
Julie Crawford
1690 Jouissance, Cyborgs, and Companion Species: Feminist Experiment
Marianne DeKoven
1697 The Currency of Feminist Theory
Jane Elliott
1704 The Futures of Feminist Criticism: A Diary
Susan Stanford Friedman
1711 Feminism Inside Out
Susan Gubar
1717 Feminist Deaths and Feminism Today
Astrid Henry
1722 Feminist Criticism: A Tale of Two Bodies
Sharon Marcus
1729 Notes on the Afterlife of Feminist Criticism
Sinead McDermott
1735 "I Am Not a Feminist, But . . .": How Feminism Became the F-Word
Toril Moi
1742 Forum
Robert F. Fleissner, Richard Kopley, Sean Latham, Barbara Ryan, and Robert Scholes
1745 Minutes of the MLA Executive Council
1752 Index of Advertisers
1756 Index of Authors Advertised
1795 Abstracts
1797 Contents of Volume 121 (2006)


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