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Assistance for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members and for Unemployed Members Traveling to the January 2016 Convention

The Executive Council has voted to allot funds to provide partial travel reimbursement of $400 to non-tenure-track faculty members and those without employment to attend the January 2016 convention in Austin. To be eligible, applicants must have been members of the MLA by 30 June 2014 and must be nonstudent 2015 members of the MLA by 30 November 2015.* They must be non-tenure-track faculty members or be unemployed. Their income must place them in one of the three lowest income ranges in the dues schedule. Applicants may only receive the travel grant once every three years. Funds are available to cover a limited number of awards.

Members may apply online or by mail. Non-tenure-track faculty members may apply here; unemployed members may apply here. To apply by mail, members should send their contact information along with a brief statement stipulating that they are non-tenure-track faculty members or are unemployed. A change in income range or in student, faculty, or unemployment status since membership renewal should be noted in the application. Mail applications by 1 December 2015 to the Travel Grant Program, MLA, 85 Broad Street, suite 500, New York, NY 10004-2434. As part of the application process, members must request matching funds from their departments or institutions by using a letter provided by the MLA (available here ). The council wants to make institutions aware of the importance of supporting all instructional staff members in their professional development activities. The institution's response must be presented when grant recipients hand in their material at the convention, even if no matching funds are granted. For further information, call or write the office of programs (646 576-5141;

Since 1997, the Executive Council has invited MLA members to donate money to a professional education assistance fund that will provide ongoing support for these travel reimbursements. A space on the membership renewal form allows members to add to their dues payments a tax-deductible contribution to the fund.

MLA members who serve on council-appointed standing committees or on the Delegate Assembly may apply for a travel grant each year of their term. Only those who meet all eligibility requirements can receive a grant. To apply for a grant, these members should write to

* The deadline to become a 2015 member is 30 November. Online enrollment was available through 31 July. To join or renew for 2015 between 1 August and 30 November, please e-mail


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