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Kenneth W. Mildenberger Prize

2011–12 Susan M. Gass, Michigan State University, and Alison Mackey, Georgetown University, editors, for The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition (Routledge, 2012)
2010 Norman Segalowitz, Concordia University, for Cognitive Bases of Second Language Fluency (Routledge, 2010)
2009 Claire Kramsch, University of California, Berkeley, for The Multilingual Subject: What Foreign Language Learners Say about Their Experience and Why It Matters (Oxford Univ. Press, 2009)
2008 Diane Larsen-Freeman, University of Michigan, and Lynne Cameron, Open University, for Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics (Oxford Univ. Press, 2008)
2007 B. Kumaravadivelu, San José State University, for Cultural Globalization and Language Education (Yale Univ. Press, 2007)
2006 Penny McKay, Queensland University of Technology, for Assessing Young Language Learners (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006)
2005 Cristina Sanz, editor, Georgetown University, for Mind and Context in Adult Second Language Acquisition: Methods, Theory, and Practice (Georgetown Univ. Press, 2005)
2004 Paul Seedhouse, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, for The Interactional Architecture of the Language Classroom: A Conversation Analysis Perspective (Blackwell, 2004)
2003 Janina Brutt-Griffler, University of York, for World English: A Study of Its Development (Multilingual Matters, 2003)
Honorable mention: Ken Hyland, University of London, for Second Language Writing (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2003)
2000 Hossein Nassaji, Centennial College, and Gordon Wells, University of California, Santa Cruz, for "What's the Use of 'Triadic Dialogue'? An Investigation of Teacher-Student Interaction" (Applied Linguistics 21.3)
1999 Guy Cook, University of Reading, for Language Play, Language Learning (Oxford Univ. Press, 1999)
1998 Richard Clément, Zoltán Dörnyei, Peter Macintyre, and Kimberly Noels, for "Conceptualizing Willingness to Communicate in a L2: A Situational Model of L2 Confidence and Affiliation" (Modern Language Journal, Winter 1998)
1997 Peter Skehan, Thames Valley University, London, England, for A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Univ. Press, 1997)
1996 Lyle F. Bachman, University of California, Los Angeles, and Adrian S. Palmer, University of Utah, for Language Testing in Practice (Oxford Univ. Press, 1996)
1995 Evelyn Hatch, University of California, Los Angeles, and Cheryl Brown, Brigham Young University, for Vocabulary, Semantics, and Language Education (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995)
1994 David E. Freeman and Yvonne S. Freeman, Fresno Pacific College, for Between Worlds: Access to Second Language Acquisition (Heinemann, 1994)
1993 Claire Kramsch, University of California, Berkeley, for Context and Culture in Language Teaching (Oxford Univ. Press, 1993)
1992 Evelyn Hatch, University of California, Los Angeles, for Discourse and Language Education (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1992)
1991 Elizabeth B. Bernhardt, Ohio State University, Columbus, for Reading Development in a Second Language: Theoretical, Empirical, and Classroom Perspectives (Ablex, 1991)
1990 Lyle F. Bachman, University of California, Los Angeles, for Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing (Oxford Univ. Press, 1990)
1989 Bernard Spolsky, Bar-Ilan University, for Conditions for Second Language Learning (Oxford Univ. Press, 1989)
1988 Craig Chaudron, University of Hawaii, Manoa, for Second Language Classrooms: Research on Teaching and Learning (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1988)
1987 Rod Ellis, Ealing College of Higher Education, for Second Language Acquisition in Context (Prentice Hall, 1987)
Anita Wenden, York College, City University of New York, and Joan Rubin, Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania, for Learner Strategies in Language Learning (Prentice Hall, 1987)
1986 Alice C. Omaggio, University of Illinois, Urbana, for Teaching Language in Context: Proficiency-Oriented Instruction (Heinle and Heinle, 1986)
1985 Jack C. Richards, University of Hawaii, for The Context of Language Teaching (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985)
1984 John Underwood, Mills College, for Linguistics, Computers, and the Language Teacher (Newbury, 1984)
1983 John W. Oller, Jr., University of New Mexico, and Patricia Richard-Amato, California State University, Los Angeles, for Methods That Work: A Smorgasbord of Ideas for Language Teachers (Newbury, 1983)
Sandra J. Savignon, University of Illinois, for Communicative Competence: Theory and Classroom Practice (Addison-Wesley, 1983)
1981 Stephen D. Krashen, University of Southern California, for Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (Pergamon, 1981)
1980 Earl W. Stevick, Foreign Service Institute, for Teaching Languages: A Way and Ways (Newbury, 1980)


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