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Sources of Information for Job Candidates in English

Prepared by Susan Belasco Smith, University of Tulsa

General Advice and Background Reading

  • Bay, Libby. "Teaching in the Community College: Rerouting a Career." ADE Bulletin 114 (1996): 27-29.
  • Deneef, A. Leigh, Craufurd D. Goodwin, and Ellen Stern McCrate, eds. The Academic's Handbook. Durham: Duke UP, 1988.
  • Dubrow, Heather. "A World Elsewhere: Teaching in a Liberal Arts College," ADE Bulletin 103 (1992): 38-44.
  • Green, Eleanor. "The Job Search: Observations of a Reader of 177 Letters of Application." ADE Bulletin 113 (1996): 50-52.
  • Gregory, Marshall. "From PhD Program to BA College; or, The Sometimes Hard Journey from Life in the Carrel to Life in the World" ADE Bulletin 107 (1994): 20-24.
  • Hanawalt, Jean Allen, and Thomas Trzyna. "Applying to Teach at a Christian College." ADE Bulletin 79 (1984): 46-47.
  • Malek, James S. "Caveat Emptor; or, How Not to Get Hired at DePaul." ADE Bulletin 92 (1989): 33-36.
  • Mangum, Teresa. "Identity and Economics; or, The Job Placement Procedural." ADE Bulletin 114 (1996): 19-24. For an additional bibliography on the job search, see Mangum's Selected List of Works Consulted (23-24).
  • Sledge, Linda Ching. "The Community College Scholar." ADE Bulletin 83 (1986): 9-11.
  • Thomas, Trudelle. "Demystifying the Job Search: A Guide for Candidates." CCC 40 (1989): 312-27.
  • Timmerman, John H. "Advice to Candidates." College English 50 (1988): 748-51.
    See also "Special Topic on the Job Market," Profession 94 (New York: MLA, 1994): 57-105, for a collection of essays by Erik D. Curren, Marta Caminero-Santangelo, Lydia Belateche, Linda M. Lemiesz, Judith Pascoe, Gordon Hutner, Robert C. Holub, and Bettina J. Huber; "Special Section: The Job Search in English," ADE Bulletin 111 (1995): 4-27; and "The MLA's 1993-94 Survey of PhD Placement," MLA Newsletter 27.4 (1995): 1-3 and ADE Bulletin 112 (1995): 40-51.

For Job Openings

  • Chronicle of Higher Education. Published weekly (except in August and December). In addition to listing openings under such categories as "English," "Women's Studies," or "Writing," many two- and four-year institutions take out large ads that include all their available positions. The Chronicle also lists openings in administration, at foundations and associations, and occasionally, in private secondary schools.
  • MLA Job Information List. Published four times a year. Four-year institutions are more likely than two-year colleges to list openings here.

Information about American Colleges and Universities

  • Atwell, Robert, and David Pierce, eds. American Community Colleges: A Guide. 10th ed. Phoenix: Oryx, 1995. A state-by-state guide with extensive commentary on each institution.
  • Barron's Profiles of American Colleges. 20th ed. New York: Barron's, 1994. Comprehensive, informative guide to four-year, accredited colleges; rates selectiveness of admissions.
  • Cass, James, and Max Birnbaum. Comparative Guide to American Colleges. 15th ed. New York: Harper, 1991. An alphabetical, narrative guide to four-year institutions.
  • The College Blue Book. 25th ed. 5 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1995. The most useful volume is Narrative Descriptions, a state-by-state listing of two- and four-year colleges, complete with maps.
  • Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1998: Students from Coast to Coast Tell What Their Colleges Are Really Like. Comp. Yale Daily News staff. 24th ed. New York: St. Martin's, 1997. A sometimes irreverent alternative source of information on 300 colleges.

Foreign Colleges and Universities

  • Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
  • International Handbook of Universities

Both are published every three years in New York by Macmillan.


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