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Teaching Resources

A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
This Web site, which has recently grown into a book entitled Tools for Teaching, offers twenty-five sections on how to develop teaching expertise. Topics range from "Knowing If the Class Is Understanding You" to "Having an Interesting Presentation Style."

Cornell University Center for Learning and Teaching
This site offers information for instructors. Its links to related teaching and instructional information are particularly helpful.

The Digital Classroom
A project of the National Archives, the Digital Classroom offers "primary sources, activities, and training for educators and students." Though aimed at history, with a focus on how to use primary materials, the site may be useful to other disciplines as well.

Exam Evaluation
A list of points the author feels should be covered in a successful examination essay. Prepared as a checklist, it gives graduate student teachers ideas for how to convey their grading criteria to students. It could be adapted to serve as an evaluation sheet for any written assignment.

Interactive Teaching Resources
This is an online database of syllabi covering language, literature, and poetry. It is an excellent way to see what others are doing in the classroom and to generate ideas for your next class.
This commercial site offers, a plagiarism-detection program, which is not free but comes with a free trial that graduate students may find useful in their teaching. The site also defines plagiarism, which may be helpful for your students, has links to articles on the subject, and more.

Teaching with the Web: Two Approaches
Written by Patricia Seed, this article outlines her approach to teaching with the Web. She discusses the Web as superbibliography and as an exhibit.


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