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Approaches to Teaching Stendhal's The Red and the Black

Editor(s): Dean de la Motte, Stirling Haig

Pages: xii & 189 pp.
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780873527484 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873527477 (hardcover)

"The book is a valuable teaching tool and a pleasure to read as well. It contains a wealth of information and a variety of critical approaches conveniently gathered in a single source that normally would have to be extracted from many scattered documents....[This] book provides a solid overview of the problems and pleasures related to reading Stendhal's novel."
Rocky Mountain Review

"A novel is a mirror moving along a highway," writes Stendhal in The Red and the Black, his chronicle of French Restoration politics, class, and society on the eve of the July Revolution of 1830. "One minute you see it reflect the azure skies, next minute the mud and puddles on the road." Stendhal's defense of his work and the widely taught novel in which it appears set forth two problematic topics for students: literary realism (and its limitations) and the presentation of history in literature. The editors of this volume focus on how best to address these questions in courses on French literature, world literature, European intellectual history, comparative literature, and more.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Stendhal's The Red and the Black

Dean de la Motte and Stirling Haig

Editions and Translations
French Editions
English Editions
Courses and Course Designs
Recommended Readings
Background Materials
General Introductions
The Instructor's Library
Visual and Multimedia Aids



Contextualizing The Red and the Black

History in The Red and the Black
James Smith Allen

The Specters of Revolution; or, Politics at the Concert
Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson

Secret Notes and Pistol Shots
Peter Brooks

A Romantic Approach to The Red and the Black
Mary Ellen Birkett

Strategies of Reading

Reading Appearances: The Opening Chapters of The Red and the Black
Catharine Savage Brosman

A Story of Reading and Writing; or, The Poetics of Self-Reference
James T. Day

How Julien Loses His Head; or, Stendhal and the Politics of the Imaginary
Juliet Flower MacCannell

The Crystallization of Love
Mary Anne O'Neil

Formal Approaches

A Narratological Approach to The Red and the Black
Gerald Prince

On Not "Yielding a Return": Plot and the Concept of Freedom in The Red and the Black
Michal Peled Ginsburg

Approaching a Major Novel through Its Minor Characters
Pauline Wald Willis

Questions of Gender and Class Identity in The Red and the Black

Contextualizing the Canon: New Perspectives on The Red and the Black
Doris Y. Kadish

Julienned Identities
Sandy Petrey

The Quest for the Mother: A Psychoanalytic Feminist Reading of The Red and the Black
Lisa G. Algazi

Sacred Hearts and Stolen Smarts: Rewriting French Noblewomen in The Red and the Black
Cheryl A. Morgan

The Red and the Black: Transforming the Maternal Myth
Maryline Lukacher

Technology, Pedagogy, and Interpretive Paradigms

Stendhal in Cyberspace: Virtual Reading as Oppositional Practice
Anthony Purdy

O Twenty-First Century! Using Technology to Teach The Red and the Black
Carol de Dobay Rifelj

Works Cited

Index of Names

Index of Works (Literature, Painting, and Music)

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