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Approaches to Teaching Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil

Editor(s): Laurence M. Porter

Pages: xi & 209 pp.
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780873527521 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873527514 (hardcover)

Charles Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil (Les Fleurs du Mal) may be the most influential, and perhaps the greatest, book of lyric poetry in French literature. At once Romantic and modernist, it belongs to both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This volume in the MLA's series Approaches to Teaching World Literature is the first devoted to a lyric poet who did not write in English, and it seeks to promote the study, teaching, and enjoyment of this intriguing and sometimes troubling French poet.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Baudelaire's Flower of Evil

Laurence M. Porter

Editions and Translations
French and Bilingual Editions
English Editions and Anthologies
Courses and Course Designs
Other Disciplines
Pedagogical Challenges
Recommended Readings
Background Materials
General Introductions
Critical Studies
The Instructor's Library
Audiovisual Materials



Prologue: Baudelaire, a Contemporary of Us All
Anna Balakian

Institutional Contexts

Teaching Baudelaire to Advanced High School Students
Laurence Risser

Engaging with Poetry in AP French: Fragmentary Perceptions
Ainslie Armstrong McLees

Powers of Evil: Teaching Baudelaire at a Church-Related University
William Olmsted

Text-Centered Approaches

Baudelaire as an Unknown
Roger Shattuck

Let's Start with Words
Eléonore M. Zimmermann

Using Translation in Explicating Les Fleurs du Mal: "La Cloche fêlée"
Judd Hubert

From Metrics and Rhymes to Meanings
Peter Schofer

Narrativity in Les Fleurs du Mal
Timothy Unwin

Unfamiliarity and Defamiliarization: Teaching Les Fleurs du Mal with the Petits poèmes en prose
Sonya Stephens

Thematic Approaches

Baudelaire and the Poetry of Memory
J. A. Hiddleston

Baudelaire and the Poetics of Perversity
Deborah A. Harter

Cultural Studies

Searching for Swans: Baudelaire's "Le Cygne"
Richard Terdiman

Gender-Based Approaches

Baudelaire's Sepulchers
Susan L. Wolf

Baudelaire's Lesbian Connections
Gretchen M. Schultz

Religious and Ethical Issues

Teaching the Devil
Jonathan Culler

Teaching the Ethical Baudelaire: Irony and Insight in Les Fleurs du Mal
Edward K. Kaplan

Computer-Assisted Instruction

Teaching Les Fleurs du Mal with CD-ROM: Visual and Verbal Art
Rosemary Lloyd

Hypermedia Approaches to Baudelaire's Poetry
Eugene F. Gray


The Classroom versus Poetry; or, Teaching Transportation
Ross Chambers

Works Cited

Further Reference Materials

Index of Works by Baudelaire

Index of Names

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