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African American Literature Collection
The African American Literature Collection contains five Approaches to Teaching volumes (click on each title to get book information). MLA members receive a 20% discount on Approaches collections.

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Afro-American Literature
The Reconstruction of Instruction
This book is devoted exclusively to critical discussions of Afro-American literature and focuses specifically on critical issues that are especially pertinent to designing courses in Afro-American literature. ... more info

Editor(s): Dexter Fisher, Robert B. Stepto

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American Indian Literatures
American Indian Literatures is a thorough guide to the genres and major authors of both oral and written literatures and to scholarship in the field. ... more info

Author(s): A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff

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Approaches to Teaching Cather's My Ántonia
Unlike many other great works of English literature, My Ántonia is immediately accessible to today's students. "Cather's novel is so clear," Susan J. Rosowski says, "so apparently effortless, that it... more info

Editor(s): Susan J. Rosowski

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Approaches to Teaching Chopin's The Awakening
An MLA survey taken in preparation for this volume indicates that teachers are using The Awakening in no fewer than twenty areas of the college curriculum--from freshman writing and textual... more info

Editor(s): Bernard Koloski

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Approaches to Teaching DeLillo's White Noise
"I believe that this collection of essays will be of great value to instructors of White Noise. The essays in the volume are lively, accessible, opinionated (in a good sense),... more info

Editor(s): Tim Engles, John N. Duvall

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Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry
The life and the range of topics and tones of Emily Dickinson suit her to be included in such courses as American literature, Romanticism, realism, nineteenth-century culture, and women's literary... more info

Editor(s): Robin Riley Fast, Christine Mack Gordon

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Approaches to Teaching Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
One of the most frequently taught slave narratives, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is assigned in many courses, including American and African American literature, African American studies, women's... more info

Editor(s): James C. Hall

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Approaches to Teaching Eliot's Poetry and Plays
According to a survey of English teachers, most students are introduced to T. S. Eliot's poetry during the first two years of college. ... more info

Editor(s): Jewel Spears Brooker

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Approaches to Teaching Ellison's Invisible Man
Teachers of Invisible Man differ about which aspect of Ralph Ellison's novel deserves the most emphasis. According to Susan Resneck Parr, a coeditor of this volume, "some [teachers] argue that... more info

Editor(s): Susan Resneck Parr, Pancho Savery

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