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Approaches to Teaching Shelley's Poetry

Editor(s): Spencer Hall

Pages: ix & 189 pp.
Published: 1990
ISBN: 9780873525282 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873525275 (hardcover)

"A useful pedagogical resource, particularly for those new teachers, nonspecialists, or specialists in other fields who are
willing to join their students in grappling with Shelley's complex and rewarding body of work."

Keats-Shelley Journal

"Enough to keep Shelley busy for two semesters!"
Romantic Movement

Shelley's poetry, admits Steven E. Jones in the Keats-Shelley Journal, has proved "difficult to study and to teach well." The essays in Approaches to Teaching Shelley's Poetry confront the problem of introducing Shelley in the classroom and propose a variety of techniques for engaging students with Shelley's extraordinary stylistic and conceptual variety.

Like other books in the MLA's Approaches to Teaching World Literature series, this one is divided into two parts. The first part, "Materials," evaluates teacher and reference editions of Shelley's works and surveys secondary readings for both students and instructors. The second part, "Approaches," contains thirty-two concise and practical essays on teaching the poetry. Six essays discuss pedagogical issues, including teaching Shelley to sophomores and in writing-across-the-curriculum courses. The longest section of the book comprises eighteen essays on presenting individual texts, from reading Adonais as pastoral elegy to teaching Alastor and Prometheus Unbound alongside Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Essays on specific literary and historical contexts and on critical perspectives, including a feminist reading of Shelley's works and strategies for teaching Shelley with other Romantic poets, complete the volume.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Shelley's Poetry

Spencer Hall

Teaching Editions
Reference and Critical Editions
Readings for Students and Teachers
Reference Works
Recommended Readings
Romantic Contexts
Studies of Shelley

Aids to Teaching


Selected Pedagogical Approaches

Shelley's Grasp upon the Actual
Stuart Curran

"The Mind in Creation": Life as Metaphor
Ross Woodman

Shelley's Workmanship of Style
William Keach

Shelley for Sophomores
Nancy Moore Goslee

Knowing a Romantic Poem: A Sequenced Research Project
Mary A. Quinn

Writing-across-the-Curriculum Techniques for Teaching Shelley
Art Young

Teaching Individual Texts

Two Voices: Narrator and Poet in Alastor
Stephen C. Behrendt

Contrasting Styles: Teaching "Mont Blanc" with Coleridge's "Hymn before Sun-Rise"
Adam J. Frisch

Myths of Power and the Poet: Teaching "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty"
Spencer Hall

Look on My Words, Ye Mighty, but Don't Despair: Teaching "Ozymandias"
Gyde Christine Martin

Julian and Maddalo: An Introduction to Shelley
Charles Rzepka

Aggression and Regression in Prometheus Unbound
Thomas R. Frosch

Love and Egocentricity: Teaching Alastor and Prometheus Unbound with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Betty T. Bennett

Windows of Meaning in "Ode to the West Wind"
Seraphia D. Leyda

Teaching "To a Sky-Lark" in Relation to Shelley's Defence
John L. Mahoney

Shelley as Poet and Dramatist in The Cenci
Vincent F. Petronella

Teaching Shelley's Anatomy of Anarchy
Stuart Peterfreund

Shelley and Androgyny: Teaching "The Witch of Atlas"
Diane Long Hoeveler

Epipsychidion and Romantic Passion Love
Jeffrey C. Robinson

Teaching Adonais as Pastoral Elegy
Judith W. Page

Shelley's Portrayals of Emotion in the Lyrics to Jane Williams
Constance Walker

Transformability in "The Triumph of Life"
Jean Hall

Teaching "On Life": An Introduction to Shelley's Skeptical Poetics
Brooke Hopkins

The Poetics of Re-vision: Teaching A Defence of Poetry
Jerrold E. Hogle

Literary and Historical Contexts

Shelley in His Times
Donald H. Reiman

Wordsworth and the Shelleyan Self
Leon Waldoff

The Younger Romantics: Teaching Shelley with Byron and Keats
John A. Hodgson

Shelley and Modern Poetry
George Bornstein

Critical Perspectives

Shelley and Current Critical Debates
Paul Magnuson

Shelley's Endings: Formalist and Postformalist Perspectives
Susan J. Wolfson

Teaching and Un-teaching Shelley's Texts: Textual Criticism in the Classroom
Neil Fraistat

A Feminist Approach to Teaching Shelley
Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi

Works Cited

Index of Works by Shelley

Index of Names

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