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Academic Collective Bargaining
"Addressing the concerns of both constituents and administrators in collective bargaining, and opening the way to speculation on the future of academic unionism, Academic Collective Bargaining is an insightful and... more info

Editor(s): Ernst Benjamin, Michael Mauer

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Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life
"The authors of these essays intend to bridge the chasm between ivory tower and real-world academia. . . . In candid, often vivid first-person accounts, they explain how they have... more info

Editor(s): Sean P. Murphy

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Advocacy in the Classroom
In this collection of thirty-nine essays on classroom advocacy in theory and practice, educators from a range of disciplines and political persuasions explore the possibilities and limitations of the influence... more info

Editor(s): Patricia Meyer Spacks

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Chairing the Foreign Language and Literature Department, Parts 1 and 2
Two-book set containing parts 1 and 2. $23.00. ... more info

Editor(s): Ann Bugliani, Elizabeth B. Welles, David Goldberg

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Chairing the Foreign Language and Literature Department, Part 2
The intent of this anthology of essays is to provide information and advice to chairs of foreign language departments about prominent changes on the landscape of the field that have... more info

Editor(s): Elizabeth B. Welles, David Goldberg

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Chairing the Foreign Language and Literature Department, Part 1
This special issue of the ADFL Bulletin is a manual and a reference collection for both new and experienced foreign language department chairs. ... more info

Editor(s): Ann Bugliani

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The Chair's Reference
MLA, ADE, and ADFL Policies, Statements, Recommendations, and Departmental Self-Study Aids
This special joint issue of the ADE and ADFL bulletins collects MLA, ADE, and ADFL recommendations, reports, and statements addressing issues of concern across the language and literature profession... more info

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Disciplinary Identities
Rhetorical Paths of English, Speech, and Composition
"This is an inventive and illuminating study that recontextualizes the postmodern and recovers striking and salient moments from the history of rhetoric and the histories of the now divided fields... more info

Author(s): Steven Mailloux

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The English Coalition Conference
Democracy through Language
This volume collects the conference reports of elementary, secondary, and college teachers of English who examine common challenges and issues and chart directions for the study of English into the... more info

Author(s): Peter Elbow

Editor(s): Richard Lloyd-Jones, Andrea A. Lunsford

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The Future of Doctoral Studies in English
Growing out of a conference of representatives of programs that grant the doctorate in English, this volume examines the profession and the ways that graduate students are socialized into it. ... more info

Editor(s): Andrea Lunsford, Helene Moglen, James Slevin

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Junior Faculty Development
A Handbook
Junior Faculty Development is designed to encourage mentoring and developmental programs for junior professors. It also serves as a self-help manual for junior and senior faculty members at a variety... more info

Author(s): Donald K. Jarvis

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Power, Race, and Gender in Academe
Strangers in the Tower?
The civil rights movement of the 1960s and the affirmative action programs enacted in the 1970s held great promise for people of color, women, and gays and lesbians seeking... more info

Editor(s): Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Maria Herrera-Sobek

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Preparing a Nation's Teachers
Models for English and Foreign Language Programs
Essays and reports on undergraduate preparation of teachers and on professional development for teachers already in the field, with practical advice for examining programs and initiating reforms. ... more info

Editor(s): Phyllis Franklin, David Laurence, Elizabeth B. Welles

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The Right to Literacy
The authors of the twenty-nine essays in The Right to Literacy discuss what literacy is, what keeps people from attaining it, and how we can help them attain it. ... more info

Editor(s): Andrea A. Lunsford, Helene Moglen, James Slevin

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What Is English?
What Is English? is Peter Elbow's challenging and very personal "picture of a profession that cannot define what it is." ... more info

Author(s): Peter Elbow

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