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Approaches to Teaching Joyce's Ulysses

Editor(s): Kathleen McCormick, Erwin R. Steinberg

Pages: xii & 178 pp.
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9780873527118

"For anyone teaching the novel today for the first time, [this collection] has a good many useful tips, excellent directions as to how to use current resources, and some helpful aids."
James Joyce Literary Supplement

"Approaches to Teaching Joyce's Ulysses gives us all some wonderful ideas to steal."
James Joyce Quarterly

"This is an excellent volume and those who are not teachers will learn as much from it as those who are."
Review of English Studies

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Ulysses is generally recognized as the most influential of all modernist literary texts, and seven decades after its publication the novel continues to fascinate, tease, and engage students. The essays collected in this Approaches volume offer suggestions for teaching Ulysses in courses ranging from first-year literature surveys to graduate-level seminars.

The volume, like others in the MLA's Approaches to Teaching World Literature series, is divided into two parts. The first part, "Materials," reviews editions of Ulysses (as well as manuscripts and prepublication materials), biographical resources, critical works, and audiovisual materials. The sixteen essays in the second part, "Approaches," discuss the aesthetic and political backgrounds against which Ulysses was written and examine the changing perspectives from which it has been read. The book includes course syllabi and essay assignments, conversion formulas for two recent United States editions of Ulysses, and several adaptations of Joyce's schema of Homeric correspondence for classroom use.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Joyce's Ulysses

Kathleen McCormick and Erwin R. Steinberg


Manuscripts and Prepublication Material

Biographical Material

Textual Aids

Cultural and Aesthetic Contexts

Critical Works

Audiovisual Aids
William S. Brockman




Joyce and Modernism
Hugh Kenner

Political Contexts for Ulysses
Cheryl Herr and Chris Connell

Culture, Politics, and Ideology in the Reception of Ulysses
Jeffrey Segall

Theoretical Approaches in Practice

Feminist Approaches to Teaching Ulysses
Bonnie Kime Scott

Consciousness as Conflict: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Teaching Ulysses
Sheldon Brivic

Approaching Ulysses through the New Historicism
Mary Lowe-Evans

Understanding Ulysses through Irish and British Popular Culture
Joseph Heininger

Reading Ulysses within the History of Its Production and Reception
Kathleen McCormick

Teaching for the (W)Holes
Richard Pearce

Searching for Lost Keys: Epic and Linguistic Dislocations in Ulysses
Scott W. Klein

Point of View, the Narrator(s), and the Stream of Consciousness
Erwin R. Steinberg

Discovering Ulysses: The "Immersive" Experience
Weldon Thornton

Successful Classroom Strategies and Techniques

Some Points of Departure for Teaching Ulysses
Morris Beja

The Importance of Playing Earnest: The Stakes of Reading Ulysses
Vicki Mahaffey

Helping Students Read Ulysses
Austin Briggs

A Collective Exploration of Ulysses
James J. Murphy


Conversion Formulas for Last Two US Editions of Ulysses

Works Cited


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