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American Indian Literatures
American Indian Literatures is a thorough guide to the genres and major authors of both oral and written literatures and to scholarship in the field. ... more info

Author(s): A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff

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Anglo-Irish Literature
A Review of Research
Essays describe general research works on Anglo-Irish writers, as well as specific works on nineteenth-century writers, the Irish Literary Revival, and modern drama. ... more info

Editor(s): Richard J. Finneran

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Bibliography of Seventeenth-Century French Prose Fiction
French Literature ... more info

Compiler(s): Ralph W. Baldner

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A Bibliography of Stylistics and Related Criticism, 1967-83
We are currently out of stock of the paperback edition of this title. The cloth edition will be substituted at the paperback price. ... more info

Author(s): James R. Bennett

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British Newspapers and Periodicals, 1641-1700
A companion volume to Wing's Short-Title Catalogue, this book provides the first comprehensive union list of all known British serials of the period. Each serial is listed alphabetically by first... more info

Editor(s): Carolyn W. Nelson, Matthew Seccombe

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Chaucer's Fame in England
STC Chauceriana, 1475-1640
This new bibliography of over 1,300 Chaucer references builds on a rich tradition of vigorous scholarship, starting with Caroline Spurgeon's 1925 landmark compilation, Five Hundred Years of Chaucer Criticism and... more info

Author(s): Jackson Campbell Boswell, Sylvia Wallace Holton

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Contemporary Critical Theory
A Selective Bibliography
Contemporary Critical Theory is an up-to-date overview of significant theories and theorists in literary studies. ... more info

Author(s): Donald G. Marshall

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Double Minorities of Spain
A Bio-Bibliographic Guide to Women Writers of the Catalan, Galician, and Basque Countries
Double Minorities of Spain contains valuable biographical and bibliographic information on an important group of Hispanic writers heretofore excluded from or underrepresented in traditional Spanish literary histories and bibliographic resources. ... more info

Editor(s): Kathleen McNerney, Cristina EnrĂ­quez de Salamanca

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The English Romantic Poets (4th edition)
The fourth edition of this classic bibliographic work covers scholarship on Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats. ... more info

Editor(s): Frank Jordan

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The Female Bildungsroman in English
An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
Fuderer's introductory essay traces the academic discussion of the topic from the early 1970s to the present; the bibliography lists 133 books, articles, and dissertations that deal either with the... more info

Author(s): Laura Sue Fuderer

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