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Teaching Shakespeare through Performance

Editor(s): Milla Cozart Riggio

Pages: ix & 503 pp.
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780873523738 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873523721 (hardcover)

"A splendid, stimulating classroom guide."

Performance pedagogy does more than involve students in the acting, directing, and production work needed to bring a play text to life. It engages them in interpretation; it makes issues of structure or subtext immediate; it deepens understanding of stage history; in film, it demonstrates the role of camera, lighting, sound.

Teaching Shakespeare through Performance is designed for teachers of both high school and college English courses who wish to introduce performance strategies into their classroom. The volume illustrates how attention to theatrical detail can give insight into Shakespeare's work and world: the significance of an omitted exit or entrance, the role of stage directions in King Lear, costumes and transvestism on the Renaissance stage, the changing fashions of acting Juliet, how experimenting with the use of different personal props in a scene from Hamlet reveals cultural attitudes, and much more.

Table of Contents



Milla Cozart Riggio

Michael Kahn

Part I: Theory and History

Shakespeare in Performance: Theory in Practice and Practice in Theory
David Kennedy Sauer and Evelyn Tribble

Performance Is More Than an "Approach" to Shakespeare
Edward L. Rocklin

Shakespeare's Theatrical Vocabulary and Today's Classroom
Alan C. Dessen

Original Staging and the Shakespeare Classroom
Ralph Alan Cohen

Why Did the English Stage Take Boys for Women?
Stephen Orgel

Romeo and Juliet on the Stage: "It Is a Kind of History"
Jill L. Levenson

Re-wrighting Shakespeare: A Conversation with Richard Schechner

Part II: Teaching Strategies

Listening for the Playwright's Voice: Rehearsing through Class Discussion the "Kill Claudio" Episode
Robert Hapgood

Playing the Action: Building an Interpretation from the Scene Up
Cary M. Mazer

Working in Workshops
David Bevington and Gavin Witt

Improvisational Techniques for the Literature Teacher
Michael Shapiro

The (Play) Text's the Thing: Teaching the Blinding of Gloucester in King Lear
Thomas L. Berger

Introducing Stage History to Students
Stephen M. Buhler

Part III: Exemplary Courses

Teaching Shakespeare: The Participatory Approach
Lois Potter

Reading Power: Classroom Acting as Close Reading
G. B. Shand

The Shakespeare Seminar as Pedagogical Entertainment
Maurice Charney

Team Teaching Shakespeare: Breaking Barriers to the Bard
Robert Einenkel and Bernice W. Kliman

Shakespeare in the City
Elise Ann Earthman

On Your Imaginary Forces Work: Shakespeare in Practice
James N. Loehlin

Performing Shakespeare: The Outward Bound of the English Department
Cynthia Lewis

Writing about Performance, Writing as Performance
Miriam Gilbert

Part IV: Films and Electronic Resources

Bringing Performances into Classrooms through Multiple Media
W. G. Walton, Jr.

Cinematic Elements in Shakespearean Film: A Glossary
David Kranz

Shakespeare and Image Theater: Henry V
Peter Reynolds

Digital Shakespeare: A Retrospective and Update
Michael Mullin

The Electronic Archive in the Classroom: Multimedia Shakespeare at MIT
Peter Donaldson

Playing in Cyberspace: Experiments in Computer-Mediated Shakespeare
Larry Friedlander

Part V: Annotated Guides

A Guide to American Shakespeare Companies and Festivals with Academic Affiliations
Felicia Londré with Kimberly L. Janczuk

Annotated Guide to Classroom Editions of Shakespeare
Milla Cozart Riggio

Selected Film and Television Resources
H. R. Coursen

Shakespeare on Video
W. G. Walton, Jr.

Works Cited

Index of Names

Index of Shakespeare's Plays

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