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There are 8 products in The Teaching of Language.

Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life
"The authors of these essays intend to bridge the chasm between ivory tower and real-world academia. . . . In candid, often vivid first-person accounts, they explain how they have... more info

Editor(s): Sean P. Murphy

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German Studies in the United States
A Historical Handbook
In the United States, German studies traces its beginnings to the late nineteenth century, when research universities were founded on the German model. ... more info

Editor(s): Peter Uwe Hohendahl

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A Linguistic Guide to Language Learning (2nd edition)
"William Moulton's book is one of the clearest and most direct introductions to the principles of language and of contrastive linguistics that has yet been written." John H. Fisher, from... more info

Author(s): William G. Moulton

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Teaching Literature and Language Online
"Technology has progressed from what some might have thought was a passing fad to occupy center stage in many English and foreign language departments. This is a very rich set... more info

Editor(s): Ian Lancashire

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Cultural Studies in the Curriculum
Teaching Latin America
Cultural studies has shifted the focus of language and literary studies to concerns previously excluded from the classroom: the perspectives of marginal groups, the expressive forms and social practices of... more info

Editor(s): Danny J. Anderson, Jill S. Kuhnheim

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Learning Foreign and Second Languages
Perspectives in Research and Scholarship
Written for a nonspecialized audience--for readers who share an interest in foreign language teaching and learning--Learning Foreign and Second Languages addresses both theory and methodology. ... more info

Editor(s): Heidi Byrnes

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Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom
Pedagogical Strategies
Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom: Pedagogical Strategies investigates how teaching practices can address the changing status of literature in the French classroom ... more info

Editor(s): Charles J. Stivale

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Remapping the Foreign Language Curriculum
An Approach through Multiple Literacies
Janet Swaffar and Katherine Arens offer a holistic approach to postsecondary language teaching that integrates the study of literature and culture into every level of the curriculum. ... more info

Author(s): Janet Swaffar, Katherine Arens

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