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Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates

Editor(s): Dianne F. Sadoff, William E. Cain

Pages: vi & 271 pp.
Published: 1994
ISBN: 9780873523684

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Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates shows readers how theory can, in the words of William E. Cain, enable teachers and students "to illuminate anew the structure of texts, to write literary and cultural history with greater richness and depth, and to understand social and institutional relations more intricately."

In twenty-one refreshingly readable essays, contributors discuss their techniques for introducing theory to students in classes on a range of levels. They describe how they overcame initial apprehensions about teaching theory to undergraduates and enumerate the ways that theory enriched both their and their students' experiences. The theoretical methodologies covered include feminism, poststructuralism, deconstruction, African American criticism, new historicism, cultural studies, and film theory.

Intended for teachers who already use theory in their courses as well as for those who are teaching theory for the first time, the volume offers history, analysis, and practical advice.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introducing Theory

Contemporary Theory, the Academy, and Pedagogy
William E. Cain

Frameworks, Materials, and the Teaching of Theory
Dianne F. Sadoff

Part 2: Surveying Theory

Ancients and Moderns: Literary Theory and the History of Criticism
David B. Downing

Confessions of a Convert: Strategies for Teaching Theory
John Kucich

The T Word: Theory as Trial and Transformation of the Undergraduate Classroom
Susan S. Lanser

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about English: Critical Theory in the Multipurpose Course
Lynette Felber

Doxography versus Inquiry: Two Ways of Teaching Theory
Donald G. Marshall

Polylogue: Some (Mainly Pleasurable) Observations on the Carnegie Mellon Literary and Cultural Studies Curriculum, 1983-89
Gary Waller

Part 3: Focusing

Accounting for Theory in the Undergraduate Classroom
Diana Fuss

Teaching Realism as Theory
Sandra A. Grayson

Giving Voice to Feminist Criticism: A Conversation
Beverly Lyon Clark, Heather I. Braun, Susan Dearing, Kerry-Beth Garvey, Karen M. Gennari, Becky Hemperly, and Michelle Henneberry

Practicing Theory, Theorizing Practice: Critical Transformations of The Marble Faun
Evan Carton

The Pedagogy of the Depressed: Feminism, Poststructuralism, and Pedagogical Practice
Laurie A. Finke

An Introductory Texts and Theory Course
Jonathan Arac

A Theorized Poetry Course
Cary Nelson

Part 4: Theory and Culture

Living History: The New Historicism in the Classroom
Huston Diehl

Teaching the Social Text: England, 1859--Brushing History against the Grain
Cannon Schmitt and Donald Ulin

Institutions, Classrooms, Failures: African American Literature and Critical Theory in the Same Small Spaces
Lindon Barrett

Theory as Translation: Teaching "Foreign" Concepts
Simon Gikandi

Gray Is Theory (Except in Black and White or Color); or, The Paradoxes and Pleasures of Film Theory
D. N. Rodowick

Teaching Cultural Criticism in Denver, Colorado
Jan Gorak



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