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Approaches to Teaching the Dramas of Euripides

Editor(s): Robin Mitchell-Boyask

Pages: xiii & 235 pp.
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780873527705 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873527699 (hardcover)

"I am very impressed with what Mitchell-Boyask has managed to put together in this volume.... I give it my wholehearted recommendation."
John Peradotto, author of Man in the Middle Voice: Name and Narration in the Odyssey, and coeditor of Women in the Ancient World

Known for their fully drawn characters, artistic complexity, and a multifaceted engagement with social issues, the plays of Euripides inspire divergent critical views. While some scholars find that the dramatist writes from a traditional Greek perspective, others see a radically innovative artist who criticizes Athenian politics, the treatment of women, and the Olympian gods. Readers will find both views in this collection of essays designed to help teachers present Euripides and his plays to today's students.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching the Dramas of Euripides

Robin Mitchell-Boyask
The Classroom
Survey Results: The Most Popular Plays
Texts: Greek, Bilingual, and English Translation
Required and Recommended Student Readings
Aids to Teaching: Audiovisual and Computer-Based Resources

The Instructor's Library
Reference Works and Background Studies
Scholarship on Greek Drama and Euripides

Practical and Theoretical Considerations: An Overview
Euripides in Translation
    Deborah H. Roberts
Modern Views of Euripides
    Ann N. Michelini

Moving Icons: Teaching Euripides in Film
    Marianne McDonald
Performing Euripides
    Mary-Kay Gamel
Euripidean Stagecraft
    Michael R. Halleran

Specific Classroom Approaches
Outlining Your Own Greek Drama: A Creative Project
    Adele J. Haft
The Importance of Debate in Euripides--and of Debating Euripides
    Gary S. Meltzer
Teaching Euripides, Teaching Mythology: Ideology and the Hero
    Paul Allen Miller

Specific Plays and Issues
The Poetics in Euripides's Green Room?
    Dale Grote
At Home and Not at Home: Euripides as a Comic Character
    Laura McClure
Myth and Allusion in Sophocles's Women of Trachis and Euripides's Herakles
    Mark W. Padilla
The Art of the Deal: Teaching Folktale Types and Motifs in Euripides's Alcestis
    Monica Silveira Cyrino
Women and the Medea
    Laurel Bowman
Hecuba and the Political Dimension of Greek Tragedy
    Justina Gregory
On Reading Euripides's Hippolytos
    Ian Storey, Martin Boyne, and Arlene Allan
Teaching Euripides's Bacchae
    Stephen Esposito
Works Cited

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